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Recommendations for the use of audio/visual aids in teaching

Slides (Powerpoint or Keynote)

The use of slides should be limited and their content should follow a prescribed list of principles

Tufte ER, Cognitive Style of PowerPoint

Instructional Videos

Instructional Video Teaching Tips

These are short ( 8-12 minute) videos which should be focused on 1 or 2 topics and be clearly tied to the content of a lecture. We have a fully equipped studio in Cushing Library with training provided by Lei Wang an instructional designer. You can graphically annotate and add voice-over narration to an existing presentation or borrow a video camera from the TLC (or Cushing Library) and film a process. If you are interested in creating an instructional video start the process by contacting Dr. Michael Schwartz

Audience Response System

YSM uses Poll Everywhere in the undergraduate medical curriculum. Software for this system is installed in the lecture halls in Hope 110 and Hope 216.  For more information contact Gary Leydon.

More Information

For more information about any of our services (e.g. Education Workshops, Peer Observation, How to join the Medical Education Fellowship, Standardized Patients, MedEd Discussions ...) email us at

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