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Register for the CloudCME Learning Platform

Our learning platform at Yale is called CloudCME, and once you create a profile within CloudCME, you will be able register for our CME offerings, claim credit, and more. Below is a breakdown of the highlighted features our members have access to. It is free to create an account and use these tools. If you don't have an account, you can easily set one up today!

CloudCME Tools & Benefits

  • Transcript: A complete record of CME credits earned through our office - with the ability to house outside CME Certificates for a complete and custom database. Users have the option to print, download, or email a copy of the transcript as a PDF document. The transcript can also be customized, only listing credits for a specified date range - simply filter the Start and End Date in the above left corner to the date range of your choice! You can also choose to filter by "Credit Type" (i.e. MOC vs. Category 1) The most unique feature of our Transcript tool is the ability to upload CME Certificates - creating a personal database of ALL your CME credits from both Yale CME and outside organizations. Any documents you upload will display after the official Yale CME Transcript.
  • Evaluations & Certificates: Organized section of Evaluations to be Completed and Available Certificates. In this section you will find any available CME certificates in your account that you can either choose to print, download, or email directly from our system to any email address you prefer. The MyCME account email address will default as the email to receive a copy of the certificate. If you'd like to send a copy to another individual or email address, you can simply enter it in the text field before hitting the "Send" button. Please note certificates cannot be accessed until an evaluation has been completed. For this reason, the incomplete evaluations will be found on the same page as the certificates. Once you submit the evaluation, the certificate will be available to you. Please let us know if you have any questions about your Yale CME Certificates!
  • Registration Records & Receipts: Easily find a record of past Yale CME activities with paid registration and the corresponding receipt.
  • Tests: Tests for courses you've purchased/attended can be found in the Test section of MyCME. In addition, online courses you've purchased will also have direct links to the learning content, which means less time navigating the website to "find" your CME courses and content. In the Test section you can also access details for tests you've previously completed. Once you select "Show Completed Tests" past tests and courses will display with their current status. Our system will let you know if the test was completed and allow you to access your test results, with a full test summary. This is especially helpful when you want to see which, if any, questions you did not answer correctly and compare pre/post test results for our live conferences.
  • Syllabus: Library of presentations for courses you've previously attended. Access at your own convenience.