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2023 Winning Posters

Congratulations to the winners of 2023!

Innovation in Education Winner

Development of a Motivational Interviewing Curriculum for Resident Trainees Using Improvisational Theater Techniques

  • Carolyn A. Chan, MD
  • Peyton Cabaniss
  • Kenneth Morford, MD
  • Steve Martino PhD
  • Andrés Martin, MD, PhD
  • Donna M. Windish, MD, MPH

Med Ed Research Winner

Learning How to Care for Seriously Ill and Dying Patients: A Palliative Care Rotation for Primary Care Interns

  • Eva DeLappe, MD, PGY-2
  • Nora Segar, MD, MPH

Innovation in Education Honorable Mention

Simulation and Education Resources for Community Emergency Departments enhance Pediatric Learning and PECC Engagement

  • Snimarjot Kaur
  • Erin Montgomery
  • Kamal Abulebda
  • Theresa Walls
  • Robert Dudas
  • Jason Crellin
  • Arushi Manga
  • Carlee Lenehan
  • Jeffrey Holmes
  • Marc Auerbach

Med Ed Research Honorable Mention

Standardized simulation-based obstetrics ultrasound curriculum increases medical students’ knowledge and bridges the gap from classroom to clinical ultrasound classroom to clinical ultrasound

  • Emily Lee
  • Jia Jennifer Ding
  • Xiomara Rubio-Brioso
  • Emily Chang
  • Janice Crabtree
  • Shefali Pathy