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Assessment Hub

The Center for Medical Education’s Assessment Hub consists of faculty and staff experts in assessment and evaluation. This group oversees Program, Curriculum, Educator, and Student Assessment for the Yale School of Medicine.

Education Program & Curriculum Evaluation

Evaluations occur through various means, including continued collection of student, faculty, and curriculum leader feedback (i.e., live feedback discussions and written evaluations); tracking and reporting of student learning outcomes; and review of these evaluation data by Preclerkship Course, Clerkship, and Advanced Training Review Subcommittees of the Education Policy and Curriculum Committee (EPCC). These Subcommittees consist of representative students, faculty, and staff.

Educator Assessment

Assessment of individual educators occurs through rating scale and written feedback from students. While aggregate teaching results are included in the above Subcommittees’ curriculum reviews, individual teacher assessments are shared with individual teachers largely for formative purposes, with assessment results over time becoming part of the faculty appointment and promotion process. The Center also sponsors peer observation of individual teachers with peer feedback used strictly for the benefit of faculty to enhance their teaching.

Student Assessment

Student assessment focuses on the individual learner, to provide students with meaningful information both to help them learn (formative assessment) and to certify that they have met the standards for advancement (summative assessment). Under the guidance of coaches in the Longitudinal Coaching Program, students use assessment data to calibrate their self-assessment, reflect on their development, and articulate personal learning plans. The Center collaborates with stakeholders across YSM, including course and clerkship directors, to improve the effectiveness of student assessment throughout the medical school curriculum.

Assessment Hub

  • Professor of Psychiatry; Executive Director of Evaluation & Assessment at the Center for Medical Education, School of Medicine

    My contributions to education and research have focused on the organization and delivery of: (1) health-related services for vulnerable populations, and, (2) physician/health-professional training. After having done work in national and international evaluation of HIV/AIDS-related programs and mental health service research, a more recent component of my career has involved the application of my skills in medical education. In this area, most of my work has focused on working with medical education faculty in assessing trainees and training programs. At the Yale School of Medicine, I am executive director of Evaluation & Assessment at the Center for Medical Education. My particular expertise is in evaluation of the medical education curriculum and its component parts; training faculty, house staff, and students in giving and receiving feedback as part of teaching and learning; improving systems for assessing educators towards enhancement of teaching and faculty success; and consulting to faculty and trainees in evaluation approaches that contribute to scholarly work. I am also involved in incorporating LGBTQI-health related topics into the medical school curriculum and serve on the Dean's Council for LGBTQI Affairs. For select graduate medical education programs including my home department of Psychiatry, I work towards gathering and analyzing qualitative data that contribute to internal review of training programs.
  • Associate Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases); Associate DIO; GME Director, Educator Development, Department of Medicine; Associate, Teaching and Learning Center; Associate Chair for Education and Academic Affairs, Internal Medicine; Director of YMS Coaching Program , Office of Curriculum

    Dr. Dunne has spent the majority of her career focusing on the care of patients with sexually transmitted diseases and on the education of clinicians who also care for these patients. She is a founding and core faculty member for the Yale Primary Care HIV Training Track.Dr Dunne also enjoys medical education and faculty development. She was the Inpatient Internal Medicine Clerkship Director from 2011-2023 and now is Director of the YMS Coaching program. She directs educator development projects for GME and UME.
  • Professor of Medicine (General Medicine); Director of Student Assessment, Teaching and Learning Center; Director of clinical skills assessment, Office of Education

    Dr. Green received his medical degree from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine and Master of Science in Health Policy and Management from Harvard School of Public Health. His post graduate training included an internship, residency, and fellowship in general medicine at the Beth Israel Hospital in Boston and Harvard Medical School. Dr Green is Professor of Medicine and Director of Student Assessment at the Teaching and Learning Center at the Yale School of Medicine.  He serves on the steering committee of the AAMC Core EPAs for Entering Residency national pilot. He previously served on the ACGME / ABIM milestones task force and the SGIM reforming internal medicine residency training task force. Dr. Green's research interests include assessment, entrustable professional activities, retrieval-based learning, and evidence-based medicine.  He received the regional and national awards for scholarship in medical education from the Society of General Internal Medicine and was selected as a Kimball Scholar at the American Board of Internal Medicine. Dr Green cares for persons living with HIV infection and supervises medical residents at the Nathan Smith Clinic.