The Incorporation of Critical Thinking into Medical Education

Winner: Innovation in Education

Amanda King, Fred Gorelick, George Lister 


Simulation of Neurological Emergencies for Milestones-Based Learning And Assessment

Winner: Innovation in Education

Catilin Loomis, Kimberly Robeson, Daniel DiCapua, Kelly Dodge, Leigh Evans, Tiffany Moadel, Luis Cruz, Jeremy Moeller


A Study of Resident Teachers for Quality Improvement Curriculum

Winner: Innovation in Education

Thilan P. Wijesekera,  Robert L. Fogerty


Improving Efficiency of a Pediatric Critical Care Transport Team

Honorable Mention

April Alfano, Jason Malia, Denine Baxter, Liz Bartone, Kristen Clark, John Giulano


Do Surgery Residents Feel Pain? A Survey Evaluating Musculoskeletal Pain in Residents after Operating

( Honorable Mention ) Gabriella Grisotti, James Healy, Neeta Erinjeri, Danielle Heller and Kristin Oliveira