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I Get Lost In the Colors

June 29, 2020

Almost a year ago to the day, I was a super busy, stressed, and exhausted pediatric intern. When I came home after an 80-hour work week, after more than a one-hour commute, to collapse on the couch, my now fiancé had learned to anticipate my needs. He made sure I remembered to eat something other than popcorn, hydrate with a non-caffeinated beverage, and then eventually find my way to an actual bed.

On my days off, in order to find rest and rejuvenation and inspired by my favorite home improvement show Fixer Upper, I found myself painting the dining room table, then the office desk, and then almost all of the furniture in our apartment. In an effort to save the limited furniture I had yet to paint, my fiancé bought me an easel, paper, brushes, and watercolor paints for my birthday.

Now, I spend my days off getting lost in color. After a particularly challenging day at work, I take to my easel. I have found a place where I can process my stress, exhaustion, and emotions. I love my job as a pediatric resident and I am honored to have the privilege to care for children and families. But many days I need to decompress. I painted the watercolor below during the first few weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic as I struggled with the uncertainty of the future, while still looking forward to spring.

Submitted by Alexa Tomassi on June 29, 2020