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2018-2019 PhDs COMPLETED

June 21, 2019

Alexandra Albert, "Targeting the integrated stress response in lung adenocarcinoma" Mentor: Don Nguyen, PhD; Cell Biology

Sean Bickerton, "Nanoparticle Systems for In Vivo Generation of Regulatory T Cells in Autoimmune Disease Therapy" Mentor: Tarek Fahmy, PhD; Biomedical Engineering

Gregory Breuer, “Data-Driven Methods for Analysis of DNA Repair Dynamics and PARP-Targeting Cancer Therapeutics" Mentor: Ranjit Bindra, MD, PhD; Experimental Pathology

Jessica Johnston “The Effects of Chromatin Organizationon Nuclear Mechanics and Chromatin Dynamics” Mentor: Megan King, PhD; Cell Biology

Don Li, "Two Ways from the Golgi: Integrating Glucose and Energy through TUG Protein” Mentor: Jonathan Bogan, MD; Cell Biology

Alice M. Li, “High Resolution In Vivo Characterization of Neocortical Myelin Patterning in Normal Physiology and Following Localized Injury” Mentor: Jaime Grutzendler, MD; Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program

George Linderman "Efficient Methods for Imputation, Dimensionality Reduction, and Visualization of Biomedical Datasets" Mentor: Yuval Kluger, PhD & Ronald Coifman; PhD, Applied Mathematics

Will Meyerson, "Inference of natural selection in human populations and cancers: testing, extending, and complementing dN/dS-like approaches" Mentor: Mark Gerstein, PhD; Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

Durga Thakral, "Defining Factors that Determine Effective Antimelanoma Tumor Immunity" Mentor: Marcus Bosenberg, MD, PhD; Genetics

Rebecca Treger, "Cell-intrinsic control of endogenous retroviruses" Mentor: Akiko Iwasaki, PhD; Immunobiology

Jessica Ye, "Points of crosstalk between metabolism and innate immunity" Mentor: Ruslan Medzhitov, PhD; Immunobiology

Lee Ying, "Epigenetic Approaches to Understanding Adipogenesis, and Translational Approaches to Treating Obesity" Mentor: Kathleen Martin, PhD; Pharmacology

Mark Youngblood, “Molecular Features and Translational Applications of Genomic Alterations in Meningioma” Mentor: Murat Gunel, MD; Genetics

Submitted by Reiko Fitzsimonds on June 21, 2019