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Clinical Immunology Laboratory

The Immunology Laboratory is responsible for laboratory testing and clinical consultation in several broad areas of Immunology, including the evaluation of autoimmune disease, immunodeficiencies, immunoproliferative disorders, and allergy. The work is carried out together with the Molecular Diagnostics , Microbiology, Virology and Hematology laboratories to provide seamless consultation and diagnostics for various clinical scenarios. The Laboratory also supports the activities of the GMP Cell Therapy Laboratory.


  • Associate Professor Term; Hematopathology Fellowship Director, Laboratory Medicine; Director, Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, Laboratory Medicine; Director, Flow Cytometry, Laboratory Medicine; Associate Director, Hematology Laboratory, Laboratory Medicine

  • Professor of Laboratory Medicine, of Biomedical Engineering, of Medicine (Hematology) and of Pediatrics; Deputy Dean for Research, (Clinical and Translational); Director, Clinical Immunology Laboratory, Laboratory Medicine; Chair, Laboratory Medicine; Chief, Laboratory Medicine