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Clinical Virology

Photo by Robert A. Lisak
A medical technologist is preparing patients’ samples for testing. Most virology tests use molecular or immunologic methods and results are available within one to 48 hours

Virology is a rapidly changing field. Thus, the laboratory frequently modifies its test menu in order to keep abreast of current developments and provide the best services to our patients.

The Clinical Virology Laboratory performs molecular methods for viruses, serology for viruses, syphilis ( Treponema pallidum) and Toxoplasma gondii, as well as C. difficile testing. See complete lists of Tests Performed below.

Due to our ability to quickly offer laboratory-developed molecular tests, we have been able to respond rapidly to disease outbreaks, such as the 2009 influenza H1N1 and the COVID-19 pandemics, and the Mpox epidemic.

Our laboratory offers many tests not available in most hospitals or from commercial vendors. For example, the Clinical Virology Laboratory was the first non-reference laboratory in the U.S. to receive Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA for a High Complexity Molecular Based SARS CoV-2 Test and for several weeks early in the pandemic we were the only hospital in Connecticut with on-site testing. Subsequently, multiple commercial SARS CoV-2 RNA amplification tests have been added to our test menu.

The Virology Laboratory Director and Laboratory Manager are available by phone or email for consultations and questions.

Clinical Virology Teaching Rounds with a focus on laboratory diagnosis are one Tuesday a month. In addition, Clinical Virology Newsletters are available on line.

A table of seasonal virus activity is updated weekly

Clinical Virology Services

Tests Performed

Download full listing of all Virology Tests Performed:

Virology Tests Performed

Type Description
Molecular Real-time PCR for virus detection and quantification
Serology Viral, Syphilis and Toxoplasma gondii assays by CIA, ELISA, agglutination and lateral flow immunochromatography
Clostridium difficile Real-time toxin B gene PCR with reflex to toxin immunoassay


  • Director, Clinical Virology Laboratory

    Professor of Laboratory Medicine and of Medicine (Infectious Diseases); Vice Chair for Quality and Safety, Laboratory Medicine; Director, Clinical Virology Laboratory