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Central Medical Unit, APT Foundation

The Central Medical Unit (CMU), housed within APT Foundation, was founded in 1988 as an onsite primary care clinic integrated into the APT Foundation’s addiction treatment programs. The CMU also serves as one of two primary training sites for the ACGME-accredited Yale Addiction Medicine Fellowship Program, as well as an ambulatory rotation site for Yale Primary Care (YPC) residents, physician associate (PA) students, medical students, and APRN students. Additionally, the CMU is home to the Young Adult Treatment Track, established by Dr. Deepa Camenga in 2015 to provide care to 16-to-25-year-old patients with substance use disorder (SUD). The APT Foundation is the largest provider of SUD treatment services in the Greater New Haven area, including treatment with methadone or buprenorphine for opioid use disorder (OUD). The foundation serves over 7,000 patients annually. Anyone, regardless of their participation in APT’s programs, can come to the CMU for medical care.

Affiliated Faculty

  • Professor of Medicine (General Medicine); Program Director, Addiction Medicine Fellowship, Internal Medicine; Associate Director for Education and Training, Program in Addiction Medicine, Internal Medicine; Vice-chief for Education, General Internal Medicine; Professor, Chronic Disease Epidemiology; Head of Advisory College, Orange College, Office of Student Affairs

  • Assistant Professor; Program Director, Collaborative Behavioral Health & Addiction Medicine in Primary Care (CHAMP), General Internal Medicine; Associate Program Director, Yale Addiction Medicine Fellowship Program, Program in Addiction Medicine