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Collaborative Behavioral Health & Addiction Medicine in Primary Care (CHAMP) Training Program

The HRSA-funded Collaborative Behavioral Health & Addiction Medicine in Primary Care (CHAMP) training program provides Yale Primary Care (YPC) residents, physician associate students, and faculty with enhanced training and professional development in behavioral health, addiction medicine, and provider wellness.

CHAMP’s four primary aims are:

  1. Enhance behavioral health and addiction medicine training for Yale Primary Care (YPC) Residents through the CHAMP training track
  2. Provide Yale Physician Associate (PA) students with an immersive one-month rotation in integrated behavioral health and substance use disorders (SUD) treatment in primary care settings. A limited number of rotation spots are also available for Yale nursing and medical students.
  3. Provide CHAMP residents and PA students with training in provider wellness
  4. Implement faculty development opportunities focused on integrated behavioral health, SUD treatment, and provider wellness

Eligibility Criteria

Acceptance into CHAMP is dependent on fit with the program and scheduling constraints. Priority will be given to candidates who demonstrate a vested interest in integrating addition medicine into their primary care practice.

Interested in learning more about the CHAMP program? Contact Emma Biegacki.

Learning Objectives

Overall Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the etiology and epidemiology of substance use disorders (SUD).
  2. Recognize stigma associated with SUD and demonstrate the use of appropriate language.
  3. Screen, assess and evaluate SUD in primary care and other healthcare settings.
  4. Summarize pharmacologic treatment and behavioral counseling for SUD.
  5. Discuss prevention of SUD and the role of harm reduction to optimize safety.
  6. Practice strategies to improve provider wellness through self-reflection and relationship building activities.

CHAMP for YPC Residents

CHAMP is a three-year addiction medicine and behavioral health training track for two Yale Primary Care (YPC) residents each year.

CHAMP residents will receive:

  • Enhanced training in clinical addiction medicine
    • Outpatient training includes community and academic addiction treatment settings
    • Inpatient training includes the Yale Addiction Medicine Consult Service
    • CHAMP trainees will care for a panel of primary care patients with SUD and behavioral health needs
  • Training in behavioral counseling techniques with direct supervision
  • Direct mentorship from faculty trained in addiction medicine
  • Wellness activities designed for providers caring for patients with SUD and behavioral healthcare needs

CHAMP Residency Track Alumni

  • Bethany Canver, MD, MSW, MS
  • Darvé Robinson, MD, MS
  • Mariah Evarts, MD
  • Zina Huxley-Reicher, MD
  • Andrew Segoshi, MD