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Select Opioid & Substance Use Disorder Trainings Offering Clinician CME for MATE ACT Requirements


The MATE Act requires new or renewing DEA licensees, as of June 27, 2023, to have completed a total of at least 8 hours of training on opioid or other substance use disorders and the appropriate treatment of pain. Practitioners deemed to have already completed the requirement include those who:

  • Graduated from their professional school within 5 years of June 27, 2023 or 5 years of their license renewal following June 27, 2023, and completed a curriculum that included at least eight hours of coursework regarding SUD during that time.
  • Previously took training to meet the requirements of the DATA-2000 waiver to prescribe buprenorphine can count this training towards the 8-hour training requirements.
  • Are board certified in addiction medicine or addiction psychiatry.

How to use this resource

This document lists selected FREE trainings offering CME credits that clinicians may use to satisfy DEA training requirements. The list is not comprehensive. It does not include all free trainings available nor trainings that are at cost. Some trainings listed are in affiliation with Yale Program faculty. This has been indicated with an asterisk.

How do I know if a training I wish to complete will satisfy MATE Act requirements?

Please see guidance issued by ASAM and the AMA:

Does my organization's CME-accredited training fulfill MATE Act requirements?

Please see guidance issued by SAMHSA:

Trainings with a Focus on Adult Patients

ASAM Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder Course*
Free, 4 hours, 1 CME credit per hour (AMA, NAADAC, ACEP, CAADE, CADTP, CCAPP, non-physician CEUs, ABPM, ABA, ABP, ABIM, ABS, ABPN, ABAM. RCPSC)

ASAM Buprenorphine Mini Course: Building on Federal Prescribing Guidelines*
Free, 1 hour, 1 CME credit, (AMA, ABPM, ABA, ABP, ABIM, ABS, ABPN, RCPSC, ABAM)

Curbsiders Addiction Medicine Podcast*
Free, 11 episodes, 1 CME credit per episode (AMA, Non-Physician, ACPE, ANCC, ABIM, AAPA)

NEJM Knowledge+ Pain Management and Opioids
Free, 10 hours, 1 CME credit per module (AMA, ABIM, AAFP, MOC credit)

NIDA Science to Medicine: Clinician in Action
Free, self-paced, 4 topics with 1-5 modules each, 0.5-0.75 CME credits per topic (AMA, ANCC, ACPE, ADA)

NIDA Words Matter - Terms to Use and Avoid When Talking About Addiction
Free, 45 minutes, 0.75 CME credits (AMA, APCE, ADA)

PCSS Substance Use Disorders 101 Core Curriculum (2023)*
Free, twenty-three 30-60 minute modules, 0,75-1.25 CME credits per module (AMA, AAPA, Pharmacy CE Credit, IPCE Credit)

PCSS Chronic Pain Core Curriculum*
Free, ten 60 minute modules, 1 CME credit per module (AMA, AAPA)

SCOPE of Pain: Safe/Competent Opioid Prescribing
Free, variable length (self-directed), 2 CME credits (AMA, Risk Management and Pain, AAFP, ACPE, ABIM, ABMS)

Trainings Pertaining to the Care of Adolescents and Children