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Our Members

If you are interested in joining our group, please contact the co-chairs (Sebastian Diaz or Therese Cordero Dumit) or fill out the “Request to Join” form!


Former Members

Dr. Helen Beilinson, former PhD student
Dr. Kyle Tretina, former postdoc
Dr. Zuri Sullivan, former PhD student
Dr. Justin Shyer, former PhD student
Dr. Esther Florsheim, former postdoc
Dr. Saige Pompura, former PhD student
Dr. Najla Arshad, postdoc
Dr. William Khoury-Hanold, postdoc
Dr. Carla Rothlin, Professor of Immunobiology
Dr. Joao Pereira, Associate Professor of Immunobiology
Dr. Aaron Ring, Assistant Professor of Immunobiology

Dr. Holly Steach, former PhD Student
Mytien Nguyễn, MD/PhD Student
Dr. Miriam Fichtner, Postdoctoral Fellow