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STEM Outreach

About Us

Established in 2020, the Outreach Subcommittee is a trainee-led branch of the Yale Immunobiology Working Group on Diversity and Inclusion (IWGDI) committed to increasing the visibility of and accessibility to immunology.

We aim to:

  • Build an inclusive, centralized community for STEM outreach and equitable teaching & mentoring practices in Yale IBIO.
  • Establish initiatives that increase access to educational materials on basic immunology principles for students of all levels and the general public.
  • Strengthen relationships between the members of our department and the greater New Haven community.
  • Reach out to students from underrepresented communities interested in pursuing scientific career paths and support their retention in these fields.


Day of Immunology

Annual day-long event at the Yale School of Medicine to introduce local high school students to immunology and encourage students to pursue STEM. Includes workshops (e.g. Invasion Room, Parasite Pursuit, Cancer Immunology), career panel, lab tours, and a keynote address.

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3D-Printed Antibody/Antigen Kits

Open source teaching tool to help students visualize the structural features of an antibody and the specificity of antibody-antigen interactions.

Community Breakfast

Opportunity for researchers to connect with members of the New Haven community and educate about salient topics in immunology, hosted by the Office of New Haven Affairs.

Mentoring @ IBIO

Opportunities and support for graduate students and postdocs interested in mentoring younger students through a lab research project.

Summer Student Programming

Educational support and community building for students conducting summer research throughout Yale IBIO labs.

Science Bites

An opportunity for our committee to connect with New Haven public school science teachers to share our science and teaching materials over dinner.