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Day of Immunology

Day of Immunology at Yale is an opportunity for high school students to learn all about the immune system and what it's like to be a biologist! Join us each year to participate in new fun, interactive workshops and games, tour immunology labs, and hear from special guest speakers about how immunology impacts our daily lives.

This free event is held annually each spring and is open to Yale Pathways to Science students and high school students from the greater New Haven area.


Here are some highlights from the upcoming event:

  • Invasion Room

    Why do we get sick? What in our bodies helps us fight off infections like bacteria and viruses? Come work as a team to see if you have what it takes to escape the immune system in an escape room game!

  • Immune System Gone Rogue

    What happens if your immune system becomes dysregulated? You'll be a detective as you learn about the consequences of a rogue immune response and solve a medical mystery!

  • Cancer Immunology: Beating the Odds!

    Did you know that your immune cells are programmed to kill cancer cells? Come play an interactive board game to learn more about this process and cancer immunology!

  • Immunity During Pregnancy: Protecting (for Two)!

    How does pregnancy work anyways?! Come play our interactive Game of Life to learn about the role of the immune system throughout pregnancy and how babies develop during gestation!

  • Pandemics & Weird Immune Systems!

    Did you know that new viruses can jump into humans from animals?! Learn about how different animal species have different immune systems, and how this difference impacts the capacity of viruses to cross from one species to another.

  • Parasite Pursuit!

    What are parasites and how does our body respond to them? Take on the role of a parasitologist and work together to identify your patient's mystery illness.

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