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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Overcome Diversity Gaps designed by Robby Romero MD.
The Mission of the Department of Anesthesiology is to fulfill our responsibility to the doctors, nurses, patients, families, and communities in which we live. We will relieve the suffering of those in need through the delivery of safe, effective, and timely anesthesia care, attempt to advance the field of anesthesiology through excellence in research, and strive to train the next generation of caregivers.

Central to our mission is to provide a culture and community where all members will grow and thrive regardless of color, religion, sexual preference, race, gender or belief. We are responsible to provide research, educational, and clinical support services as we work toward a world where healthcare disparities cease to exist.

We must pursue equity in recruitment and retention by providing a safe and supportive environment in which to work, to care, and to collaborate with and listen to all members of our communities.
Our culture and community require that we respect diversity and recognize the merit of individuals with whom we are engaged.

Our community can count on us to provide convenient and patient-centered care for the health-care needs of those with whom we live.

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Self-improvment and Wellness

Our community must provide a sense of continuous improvement, actively seeking comments, suggestions, and complaints from our members in a safe and confidential environment. We must provide appropriate support for the wellness and health of our department, and we must support our needs to care for loved ones.

Stewardship for our Future

All of these goals require and rely on our shared responsibility for fiscal stewardship and efficiency to enable investments toward fulfilling our present and future obligations.

A picture from the White coats for black lives demonstration.

Our department was represented at the White Coats for Black Lives demonstration. Around 300 doctors took a knee in front of the Yale School of Medicine to demonstrate their solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Another 280 tuned in via Zoom to show support.

Learn more about White Coats for Black Lives, go to

Diversity Committee