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Welcome to Anesthesiology

The Department of Anesthesiology, founded in 1968, quickly established itself as a national leader in academics as well as in clinical care and resident education. Over the past five decades, we have grown dramatically both in the volume and scope of our anesthetic practice. That growth coincides with a concurrent expansion of both our medical education programs and our research activities in the basic, translational and clinical realms



A clip from the new department highlight video series. Asking the question Why Yale Anesthesiology?

The Department of Anesthesiology at Yale University School of Medicine is recognized as a leader in anesthesiology education and research.
  • Our training program and offer fellowships in ambulatory, cardiac, pediatrics, obstetrics, regional, intensive care and pain management.

  • The Department of Anesthesiology has a long tradition of clinical fellowships and we offer a wide range of supervised opportunities for fellowship trainees. 

  • Anesthesiology is part of the required curriculum for all third-year medical students. In addition, the Department continues to maintain a strong presence in the entire medical school curriculum. 

  • The areas of research interest in Anesthesiology encompass both “traditional” areas of anesthesia research, and new areas of science and medicine.