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Past Residents


Aharon Benelyahoo Chronic Pain Fellowship - New York University
Oren Brecher Assistant Professor Clinical Anesthesiology - Yale University
Daniel Carlyle Chronic Pain Fellowship - University of Virginia
Cassandra Dean Neuroanesthesia Fellowship - Emory University
Daniel Haddad Chronic Pain Fellowship - Yale University
James Kurfess Neuroanesthesia Fellowship - Yale University
Christine McLaughlin Private Practice - Florida
Zachary Mirsky Chronic Pain Fellowship - Cleveland Clinic
Amanda Park Regional Anesthesia Fellowship -Yale University
William Park Chronic Pain Fellowship -Cleveland Clinic
Sabah Rid Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship -Stanford University
Kei Satoh Cardiothoracic Fellowship - Yale University
Avijit Sharma Chronic Pain Fellowship - Brigham and Women's Hospital
Shikha Shukla Critical Care Medicine Fellowship - Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center
Andrew Torres Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship - Yale University
Xiaoxiao (Nancy) Wang Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship - University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Wei Jei Zhang Chronic Pain Fellowship - Mount Sinai Hospital