Manuel Paris PsyD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry; Deputy Director, Hispanic Services, CMHC; Director, Psychology Training Program, Hispanic Services, CMHC

Departments & Organizations

Psychiatry: Connecticut Mental Health Center: Hispanic Clinic | Psychology Section | Connecticut Latino Behavioral Health System

Research Interests

Cultural/linguistic adaptations of evidence based assessments and interventions; Multisite training and fidelity monitoring; Workforce development and behavioral health services  more...


  • M.S., Nova Southeastern University, 1996
  • Psy.D., Nova Southeastern University, 2000

Selected Publications

  • Becker, D. F., Añez, L. M., Paris, M., Bedregal, L., & Grilo, C. M. Factor structure and diagnostic efficiency of the DSM-IV criteria for Avoidant Personality Disorder in Hispanic men and women with substance use disorders. Comprehensive Psychiatry. 2009, 50:463-470.
  • Santa Ana, E. J., Carroll, K. M., Añez, L., Paris, M., Ball, S. A., Nich, C., Frankforter, T. L., Suarez-Morales, L., Szapocznik, J., & Martino, S. Evaluating Motivational Enhancement Therapy adherence and competence among Spanish-speaking therapists. Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 2009, 103:44-51.
  • Añez, L. M., Silva, M. A., Paris, M., & Bedregal, L. E. Engaging Latinos through the integration of cultural values and motivational interviewing principles. Professional Psychology Research and Practice. 2008, 39(2):153-159.



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