Anne C. Black PhD

Associate Research Scientist in Psychiatry

Research Interests

Applied Statistics, Measurement, Addiction, Risk Behavior

Current Projects

  • Career Development Award: Ecological Momentary Assessment of High-Risk Sexual Behavior in OEF/OIF/OND Veterans (PI): A study of male Veterans using EMA to measure daily fluctuation in PTSD symptoms, perceptions of invincibility, impulsivity, and high-risk behavior.
  • Improving Clinician's Ratings of Financial Incapability (Rosen, PI): A multi-site validation study of a new instrument designed to measure patients' money management ability.
  • Advisor Teller Money Manager (ATM) Multi-site Study (Rosen, PI): A multi-site replication of an previous study demonstrating effects of a money management intervention on self-reported financial impulsivity and substance use.

Research Summary

My recent work has focused on risk taking and impulsivity, and on methods for modeling incomplete data. Other areas of research interest include methodological issues related to the analysis of longitudinal and hierarchically-structured data, and the use of these methods to answer substantive questions in education and psychology.

Selected Publications

  • Black, A.C., McMahon, T.J., Potenza, M.N., Fiellin, L.E., & Rosen, M.I. (2015). Gender moderates the relationship between impulsivity and sexual risk-taking in a cocaine-using psychiatric outpatient population. Personality and Individual Differences, 75, 190-194.
  • Black, A.C., & Rosen, M.I. (2011). A Money Management-Based Substance Use Treatment Increases Valuation of Future Rewards. Addictive Behaviors, 36. 125-128.
  • Black, A.C., McMahon, T.J., Rosenheck, R.A., Ries, R., Ames, D., Ball, S., Rosen, M.I.. (2014). Development of the CAFI: A clinician assessment of financial incapability. Psychiatry Research, 215, 784-789. PMC24495575
  • Black, A.C., Serowik, K.L., Ablondi, K., & Rosen, M.I. (2013). Timeline Historical Review of Income and Financial Transactions (THRIFT): A reliable assessment of personal finances. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 201, 56-59.
  • Rosen, M.I., Black, A.C., Arnsten, J.H., Simoni, J.M., Wagner, G.J., Goggin, K., Remin, R.H., et al. (2012). ART adherence changes among patients in community substance use treatment: A preliminary analysis from MACH 14. AIDS Research and Therapy, 9:30.
  • Black, A. C., Harel, O., & McCoach, D. B. (2011). Missing data techniques for multilevel data: Implications of model misspecification. Journal of Applied Statistics, 38(9), 1845-1865.

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