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Choosing an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) System for Your New Project

You should carefully consider all your study needs, i.e., compliance, form design, randomization, data collection, data management, reporting, analysis, etc., before deciding on a data system. There is now a Research Project Data Triage Team to help you with this process. The PI or the study team lead must fill out a request form which is reviewed by the Research Project Data Triage team.

Our team will decide/recommend which system would be best for the project based on its needs. Please reach out to

Advarra eSource + EDC

To request access to Yale’s instance of Advarra eSource + EDC, please click the button below and complete the Advarra eSource + EDC Access Request form online. Each user request must be completed by the user themselves. Please do not complete a request for someone else.

[Please note, Yale credentials –netID and password—are required prior to requesting access.]

Advarra University

Training for Advarra eSource + EDC is completed in Advarra University, Advarra’s training website. Training information will be sent to each user following the submission of their access request form.

Have an active Advarra eSource + EDC account?

Once you have an active Advarra eSource + EDC account, you can use the link below to navigate directly to Yale’s Advarra eSource + EDC website: