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Network Capacity

Accelerating the pace of clinical research has been a major goal of YCCI since its inception. Over the past ten years, YCCI has increased the number of fully dedicated central support staff from 21 FTEs in 2006 to more than 200 FTE today. With this growth of YCCI’s Office of Research Services (ORS) and the launch of multicenter and recruitment units in 2014, YCCI is now able to provide full service support for any Yale hub investigator interested in launching a multicenter project and is an ideal hub partner for the CTSA network as a whole.

YCCI’s Office of Research Services offers a wide range of services to support clinical studies, from the initial concept to completion and publication. YCCI has also focused on streamlining the start-up process for clinical studies by process re-engineering and novel informatics solutions. In parallel, YCCI has introduced several new initiatives focused on shortening the timelines for study initiation and patient recruitment.

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