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Systems, Platforms & Infrastructure

Clinical Studies

YCMI services span the life cycle of the protocol from initial protocol review to final data analysis:

  • Pre CRF design: Assistance with electronic implementation of the protocol. Assessment of what would be involved in electronically setting up the different aspects of data capture, for example, study calendar, study sites, users etc.
  • CRF design: In conjunction with the PI, YCAS and the study coordinator, YCMI assists in defining the data elements involved in the protocol including data validation and integrity. This also involves grouping them into CRFs convenient for data capture.
  • Data Monitoring: In collaboration with the PI and the study coordinator, YCMI generates reports that can be run on a regular basis to facilitate data monitoring.
  • Data Retrieval: Assistance to study personnel in retrieval of data as and when required and also generation of reports for IRB submission.

Informatics Infrastructure

YCCI is providing input to the School of Medicine and Yale New-Haven Hospital on building and integrating a strong informatics infrastructure for patient care and clinical research. Its components include:

  • Epic, enterprise-wide Electronic Health Record system (EHR)
  • OnCore, enterprise-wide Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS)
  • Clinical Data Repository
  • Informatics support for genomics and proteomics
  • Yale Biomedical Supercomputer