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Melanoma Registry

Yale University and Yale New Haven Hospital, through the initiative of Dr. Stephan Ariyan and the melanoma tumor board and with the support of YCCI, have established a comprehensive data-base containing the detailed information of almost 3800 melanoma patients. The melanoma registry continues to accrue patients with a goal of doubling its patient enrollment in the next two years, with the ultimate plan being to enroll all patients with confirmed or suspected melanoma into the registry. The registry was established to promote records based melanoma research and to facilitate melanoma tumor board clinical treatment decisions.

The data-base is interfaced with YSPORE including the Specimen Resource Core thus integrating patient medical treatment with cutting edge tumor mutational analysis to support prospective observational and mechanistic studies involving melanoma.

This is an exciting time for melanoma research and disease treatment, as clinical approaches to disease management continue to evolve rapidly driven largely by the introduction of novel treatment modalities including immune checkpoint inhibitors. The data-base seeks to play a dynamic role in assisting the adaptation of surgical, radiologic and therapeutic interventions for melanoma to improve patient outcomes and inform the decisions of both patients and clinicians.

A special thanks is extended to our patients whose participation in the registry made it possible.


Ray Baumann Ph.D., Melanoma Database Manager