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GENE 655 Stem Cells: Biology and Application

Course Description

Dr. Haifan Lin, Yale Stem Cell Center Director, gives a lecture in the course.

The YSCC has established the first graduate level course in stem cell biology at Yale University. The course entitled, "GENE655: Stem Cells: Biology and Application" is designed for first-year and second-year graduate students to learn the fundamentals of stem cell biology and to gain familiarity with current research in the field. The first class is a general introduction provided by Dr. Haifan Lin, Director of the YSCC. For all other classes, there is first a 45-minute didactic lecture on the subject, followed by a 45-minute "case study" of an original paper presented by an assigned student with class discussion. Topics include: stem cell concepts, methodologies for stem cell research, embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells, cloning and stem cell reprogramming and clinical applications of stem cell research.


Undergraduate level cell biology, molecular biology, and genetics.

Class Schedule

Lecture Instructor
Germline stem cells
H. Lin
Embryonic stem cells I. Park
Stem cell epigentics A. Xiao
Somatic cell reprogramming I. Park
Planarian regeneration and stem cells J. van Wolfswinkel
Stem cells and cancer J. Lu
Vascular endothelial cells S. Nicoli
Hematopoietic stem cells S. Guo
Cardiac stem cells Y. Qyang
Clinical use of stem cells D. Krause
Neural stem cells
F. Vaccarino
Intestinal stem cells K. Sumigray
Bioengineering and stem cells L. Niklason


For additional information, please contact the Course Director: Dr. In-Hyun Park