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Cell Manipulation Core

An important aspect of stem cell research is the microinjection of genes and other molecules into stem cells and the microinjection of embryonic stem cells or iPSCs into early mouse embryos. This core serves these functions.

The Cell Manipulation Core is located in a dedicated room in the Vivarium in the basement of the Amistad building. It consists of a microdissection system and a microinjection system. The microdissection system consists of Carl Zeiss Discovery V8 stereomicroscope with an Axiocam digital camera imaging workstation and a Zeiss SteREO (cold-light source Zeiss CL 1500 ECO) microscope. The microinjection system consists of a Zeiss Axio Observer A1 microscope, an Eppendorf TransferMan NK2 Micromanipulator, an Eppendorf Multiporator, an Eppendorf FemtoJet Microinjector, and an Eppendorf Microinjectors CellTram Air, all of which are top-of-the-line equipment.

Stem cell researchers who are interested in using this Core should contact Dr. In-Hyun Park at