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Core Laboratories

Core Grant funding to the YSCC from the Connecticut Stem Cell Research Fund (CSCRF) has enabled the YSCC to establish and maintain four state-of-the-art core laboratories: the Human Embryonic Stem Cell/Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (hESC/iPSC) Core, Cell Imaging Core, Genomics Core, and Cell Manipulation Core. These Cores, together with a Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorter Core (FACS) built with Yale School of Medicine funds, have been serving as the central platform of technical support for stem cell research at Yale and throughout the State of CT and have transformed stem cell research at Yale. The equipment is regularly upgraded and maintained to meet the growing needs of our users. Access to hESC/iPSC lines, their culture technology, imaging, and gene expression analysis in the YSCC Core laboratories has paved the way for scientists throughout the State of CT to conduct their research.