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Yale Stem Cell Center is pleased to announce the ninth year of “The Lo Graduate Fellowship for Excellence in Stem Cell Research” for outstanding senior graduate students pursuing stem cell research at Yale University. This one-year fellowship is made possible by a generous gift of endowment from the K.S. & Feili Lo Foundation. It is Yale Stem Cell Center’s most prestigious graduate award, and is designed to recognize and support graduate students with demonstrated passion and achievement in stem cell research. Three awards are given each year to partially defray each recipient’s stipend, with funding beginning on September 1, 2020.

The YSCC has established the first graduate level course in stem cell biology at Yale University. The course entitled, "GENE655: Stem Cells: Biology and Application" is designed for first-year and second-year graduate students to learn the fundamentals of stem cell biology and to gain familiarity with current research in the field.

Stem cells are unique in that they have both the ability to self-renew (make more of the same kind of stem cell) and to differentiate into a more specialized cell type. There are different types of stem cells. Yale investigators work are many different types of adult and embryonic stem cells.