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About Yale Stem Cell Center

Stem cell technology offers the opportunity to treat illnesses in which cells critical to our health have been destroyed. Stem cells can differentiate into these cells, replacing their function. However, there is much to be learned about stem cells before they will provide an effective approach to treatment. Recognizing the importance of this technology, the Yale Stem Cell Center focuses on understanding how stem cells function, what causes them to multiply and how they can be induced to differentiate into different lineages. Accordingly, the mission of the Yale Stem Cell Center is to advance our understanding of stem cell biology and to harness its potential to improve human health.

Our Goals

  • Enrich basic understanding of stem and progenitor cells.
  • Establish interdisciplinary collaborations to develop stem cell therapies, and translate discoveries to clinical trials.
  • Address ethical and policy issues.
  • Foster understanding and awareness of stem cell biology to the public.

Our History

Since its establishment in October 2006, the Yale Stem Cell Center (YSCC) has been spearheaded by Professor Haifan Lin, a world leader in stem cell research and an internationally renowned expert on fundamental forms of gene regulation that define the fate of stem cells. The YSCC has grown from two founding labs into a vibrant center with 7 Yale full-time faculty and over 100 Yale affiliated faculty members. Laboratories and clinical groups throughout the University participate actively in the YSCC, which flourishes by providing shared resources and leveraging faculty strengths across many relevant disciplines. The State of Connecticut and the Li Ka Shing Foundation provided 10+ years of targeted funding for stem cell and regenerative medicine research during the initial years of the Center.

Our Research Talks

The YSCC currently offers gatherings for discussion of stem cell research:
  • Research-In-Progress meeting (2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month), where our trainees present their ongoing research.
  • Research Forum (1st Wednesday of each month), where one lab presents its research projects.
  • YSCC Faculty Chalk Talks: YSCC affiliated faculty present ongoing research.
  • YSCC Spring Seminar Series: leading stem cell research leaders present their work and visit with Yale faculty and students.
  • Annual Retreat (October or November): one of the largest stem cell research meetings in Connecticut that will encompass all of the labs working on various aspects of stem cell biology, including basic molecular investigation of adult and embryonic stem cells, cancer stem cells, and the application of stem cells in clinical settings.

Our Awards

The Lo Graduate Fellowship for Excellence in Stem Cell Research, an endowed fellowship for 4th or 5th year Yale graduate students performing stem cell research. Awarded every September 1st, it is one of the highest honors a stem cell researcher can hold.

The Chen Innovation Award for Stem Cell Research. Funded by an anonymous donor in honor of his mother, the Chen Award is awarded every September 1st to a Yale faculty member who is engaged in stem cell research.

Our Services

The YSCC currently operates three Core Services to advance stem cell research: