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Daniel Barson, PhD

Contact Information

Daniel Barson, PhD


Daniel is an MD/PhD candidate working with Michael Crair and Michael Higley in the Department of Neuroscience. His research is at the interface of cellular and systems neuroscience, developing novel imaging methods to understand how large-scale patterns of brain activity influence the firing of individual or groups of neurons and how these patterns of activity change across development and subserve behavior. Prior to coming to Yale, he received an AB from Princeton University and an MPhil from University of Cambridge, where he discovered his interest in cellular and systems neuroscience. When not in lab or on the wards, he can be found being walked around the East Rock neighborhood by his dog, Leo, or exploring new hiking trails throughout New England.

Education & Training

  • PhD
    Yale University, Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program (2022)
  • MPhil
    University of Cambridge, Clinical Neurosciences (2013)
  • AB
    Princeton University, Molecular Biology (2012)