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Salil Garg, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine

Contact Information

Salil Garg, MD, PhD



Dr. Garg is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Laboratory Medicine. His laboratory is interested in the processes that generate heterogeneity in development and cancer. Dr. Garg completed his bachelors in chemistry at the University of Chicago, followed by MD-PhD training in the Harvard-MIT combined program. His dissertation work utilized small regulatory RNA molecules to study cellular interactions in the immune system. Following clinical training in laboratory medicine and molecular genetic pathology, Dr. Garg completed postdoctoral fellowship with Phillip Sharp at MIT. Dr. Garg started his laboratory as a clinical fellow at MIT's Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, and the Garg lab moved to Yale University in the fall of 2022. Dr. Garg is interested in how non-genetic changes arise naturally in cell populations, particularly in the contexts of development and cancer. The Garg lab studies how small RNAs and other gene regulatory events contribute to these non-genetic differences between cells, influencing their behavior, and how this information can be applied to build novel cancer diagnostics. Approaches include tools from RNA biology, cell biology, genomics, machine learning, and data science.

Education & Training

  • Clinical Investigator
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2022)
  • Postdoctoral Fellow
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2017)
  • Resident
    Massachusetts General Hospital (2016)
  • Fellow
    Harvard Medical School (2015)
  • MD
    Harvard Medical School, Health, Sciences, and Technology (2012)
  • PhD
    Harvard Medical School, Immunology (2012)
  • BS
    University of Chicago, Biochemistry (2003)
  • MS
    University of Chicago, Chemistry (2003)


  • Board Certification
    AB of Pathology, Molecular Genetic Pathology (2021)
  • Board Certification
    AB of Pathology, Clinical Pathology (2017)

Departments & Organizations