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Current Neuroscience Students

ENTERING CLASS 2016-2017 Email address Dissertation Lab Research topic
Daniel Barson

Harrison Brody

Katina Calakos

Michael Farruggia

Leah Fleming

Annie Gonzalez

Ankita Gumaste

Megan Kelley

Joon Ha Lee

Wanyu Lei

Yichen Luo

Shanna Murray

Mick Park

Max Shinn

Leon Tejwani

Hongli Wang

Yixiang Wang

Chelsea Xu

ENTERING CLASS 2015-2016 Email address Dissertation Lab Research topic
Sol Bernardez Sarria Crair Lab
Shivani Bhatt Cosgrove Lab
Rick Crouse Picciotto Lab
Chen Ding Hammerlund Lab
Swetha Dravida Hirsch Lab
Daniel Ehrlich Murray Lab
Erin Feeney Corlett Lab
Erica Gorenberg Chandra Lab
Sarah Herald
Amanda Jeng Koleske Lab
Sharif Kronemer Blumenfeld Lab
Shannon Leslie Nairn Lab
George (Zhicheng) Sun Kwan Lab
Mark (Mengyang) Zhang Grutzendler Lab
Melanie Brady Vaccarino Lab
Juyue Chen Clark Lab
Natasha Dudzinski Karatekin Lab Fusion pore dynamics
Usman Farooq Dragoi Lab
Veronica Galvin Arnsten Lab
Tianliuyun Gao Sestan Lab
Ayan Hussein Sestan Lab
Lisa Ji Anticevic Lab Neuroimaging in psychiatric disorders
Ruonan Jia Levy Lab Decision making under risk and uncertainty
Lien Nguyen Ehrlich Lab Calcium signalling
Stephanie Noble Constable Lab
Matt Piva Chang Lab
Joe Pottackal Demb Lab Neural circuitry in the mouse retina
Phillip Silva Addy Lab
Nashid Chaudhury M (affil 1/1/15) Tomita Lab Identifying protein complexes necessary and sufficient for synaptic receptor localization and function
Angela Lee M (affil 1/1/15) Picciotto Lab Depression and the cholinergic system in a mouse model
Jake Lister M (affil 3/1/15) Crair Lab
Brian DeAngelis Clark Lab Characterizing the neural control circuit for walking in Drosophila
Xinxin Ge Crair Lab
Kyla Horn Pittenger Lab Modulation of striatal function and behavioral stereotype by histamine receptor
Sara Katrancha Koleske Lab Biochemical characterization of schizophrenia-associated coding mutations in the Trio protein and their effects on dendritic development, stability, and function.
Alice Li M (affil 1/1/14) Grutzendler Lab 3D reconstruction of myelin distribution along individual cortical axons using label-free spectral confocal reflectance microscopy
Emilio Salazar Cardozo Clark Lab Characterizing the computational system for Drosophila's motion vision
Michael Siniscalchi Kwan Lab Cortical circuit mechanisms underlying behavioral flexibility
Lan Tang Higley Lab
Yasmin Zakiniaeiz Potenza Lab Understanding the neural mechanisms of prenatal drug exposure when cued with rewarding and stressful stimuli using functional magnetic resonance imaging.
Gregg Castellucci - JT with Linguistics McCormick Lab
Genevieve Yang M (affil 1/1/14) Anticevic Lab
Colin Bond DiLeone Lab Investigation of the neural circuitry that supports natural reward seeking, such as eating food
Mary Burke Small Lab The gut-brain axis: regulation of striatal function and behavior by diet-derived lipid messengers
Matt Creamer Clark Lab Visual speed estimation in Drosophila
Emily Finn Constable Lab Functional connectivity of the human brain using fMRI
Alex Gribizis Crair Lab The encoding of glutamatergic (Stage III) retinal waves from the retina to V1 in vivo
Bob He Carlson Lab Chemosensation and Courtship in Drosophila
Lydia Hoffstaetter Gracheva Lab Probing the contribution of Nav1.7 to cold and hypoxia tolerance in hibernators
Colby Keistler Taylor Lab Dissecting the role of medial prefrontal cortex circuitry in dysfunctional alcohol seeking
Willem Laursen Gracheva Lab Cellular and molecular adaptations to mammalian hibernation
Bart Massi Lee Lab Identifying the role of distributed cortical processing in mental arithmetic
Li Yan McCurdy Nitabach Lab
Carole Nasrallah Horvath Lab
Dov Salkoff McCormick Lab Synaptic mechanisms of tight spike synchrony at gamma frequency in cerebral cortex
Liz Salm Tomita Lab Identifying regulators of the P2X receptor in vivo
Alex Thomas M Duman Lab Characterization of the Neural Circuits Underlying the Rapid Antidepressant Effect of Ketamine
Laura Pappalardo M Waxman Lab Functional role of Nav1.5 in astrogliosis
Wendy Xiao M Blumenfeld Lab Physiological Markers of Human Conscious Visual Perception
Danielle Bolling Pelphrey Lab Ambiguous Cue Interpretation and its Link to Psychopathology: Validation and Extension of an Animal Model of Cognitive Bias.
Cali Calarco Picciotto Lab Cholinergic modulation of circuits regulating feeding behavior
Jeremy Chang Higley Lab
Kara Furman M DiLeone Lab
Carol Gianessi Taylor Lab The Effects of Ketamine on Selective Learning in the Amygdala and Prefrontal Cortex
Aaron Levy Koleske Lab Integrin-Arg-SHP2 signaling regulates NMDAR function and neuron morphology
Dan Li Nairn Lab Phosphoprotein in dopamine signaling
Yidong Li Crair Lab
Zhen Li Sestan Lab
Mitch Omar Koleske Lab Laminin control of dendritic stability and synaptic function
Andrew Smith M Gelernter Lab Systems genetics of addiction
Eleanor Thomas M Horwich Lab SOD1-linked ALS pathogenesis
Jonas Belina Carlson Lab Response of the Drosophila larva to multisensory stimulation
Srinivas Gorur Shandilya Emonet Lab Gain Adaptation in Drosophila ORNs.
Alexandria Marino M Mazer Lab Neural mechanisms of maintenance of stable spatial attention through saccadic eye movements
Kyle Meyer Sestan Lab Evolution and regulation of gene expression patterns in the human brain