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Required courses:

  • Principles of Neuroscience
  • Foundations of Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology
  • Foundations of Systems Neuroscience
  • Bioethics in Neuroscience

Required completion for PhD:

  • Lab Rotation for First-Year Students, Fall and Spring
  • Second Year Thesis Research, Fall and Spring
  • Statistics and Data Analysis Course
  • Responsible Conduct in Research Refresher for Senior BBS Students
  • One additional elective course

Core Courses

First Year

INP 511/INP 512, Lab Rotation for First-Year Students
Charles Greer
Required for all first-year Neuroscience graduate students. Rotation period is one term. Grading is Sat/Unsat based on PI’s rotation evaluation.

INP 580, Bioethics in Neuroscience
Charles Greer
This course is an introduction to ethics and ethical decision-making in the Neurosciences. Format for the course is an informal discussion. Each week, we will be joined by members of the Yale faculty and community who can share their experiences and expertise as it relates to the topic of the week. This course is mandatory for first year graduate students in the Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program (INP). Grading is Sat/Unsat and is determined based on attendance/participation, weekly questions submitted based on assigned readings and a final term paper and presentation.

INP 701, Principles of Neuroscience
Angeliki Louvi, Will Cafferty
General neuroscience seminar: Lectures, readings and discussion of selected topics in neuroscience. Emphasis will be on how approaches at the molecular, cellular, physiological and organismal levels can lead to understanding of neuronal and brain function. Course is restricted to graduate students.

INP 702, Foundations of Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology
Michael Higley, Janghoo Lim
This is a one-semester course for 1st-year INP graduate students (only). The course will meet for 1.5 hrs on T/F. Each class will comprise lectures from faculty in the greater Neuroscience community, covering a comprehensive overview of cellular and molecular concepts in neuroscience. Grading will be based on three exams. Each exam will cover one third of the course (Cell Biology, Electrophysiology, and Synaptic Function) and consist of a one-week, take-home set of short answer/essay questions.

INP 703, Foundations of Systems Neuroscience
Amy Arnsten, Anirvan Nandy
An examination of the neural circuits that subserve sensory, motor, cognitive and affective function, and their relationships to human disorders. A comparative species approach will be used to highlight the evolution of neural circuits and their functions.

Second Year

INP 513/INP 514, Second Year Thesis Research
Charles Greer
Required for all second-year INP graduate students. Both terms required. Grading is Sat/Unsat based on PI’s certification.