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Neuroscience Alumni

Name Affiliation(s) Lab Links E-mail Research
Nii Addy INP Picciotto
Michael Akins INP Greer Cadherins in the developing olfactory system
Kazuto Ataka INP Pieribone Development of a genetically targetable optical reporter of membrane potential
Mark Baccei INP Kocsis
Christopher Baker INP Manuelidis Microglial gene expression in Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
Andy Bellemer INP Koelle
Genevieve Bender INP Small
Rachel Berman INP Blumenfeld
Linda Bi MD-PhD Neurobiology Matthews The role of BEHAB/brevican in gliomas
Sarah Bhagat INP Strittmatter Nogo Receptor 1 limits plasticity in the adult brain
Shari Birnbaum INP Arnsten The effect of protein kinase C and protein kinase A intracellular signaling mechanisms on prefrontal cognitive function during stress
Iris Bonilla INP Strittmatter SPRIAA is expressed by axotomized neurons and promotes axonal outgrowth
Jennifer Bourne INP Pieribone Actin and actin-binding proteins in neurotransmission
Avis Brennan Hains Neurobiology Arnsten
Christopher Cantener INP Sigworth 3-D reconstruction of the maxi K channel
Allison Carey MD-PhD Carlson
Jennifer Chao INP Nestler Characterization of the mouse adenylyl cyclase type VIII gene promoter: regulation by cAMP and CREB
Matt Colonnese INP Constantine-Paton The NMDA receptor as mediator of synaptic elimination in the developing superior colliculus
Kathy Dave INP Bordey
Denise Davis INP Strittmatter
Katie Fink INP Cafferty Identification of novel modulators of intrinsic CNS axon growth
Doug Davis MD-PhD Pieribone Voltage-sensitive dye imaging of whisker-evoked responses in the mouse somatosensory system
Scott Floyd INP De Camilli Amphiphysin: an aptly named molecule?
Adam Frost MD-PhD Unger
Darlene Gabeau INP Greer Targeting of pre- and post-synaptic proteins to granule cell dendritic spines
Sharmin Ghaznazi MD-PhD Johnson
Keith Gipson MD-PhD Yeckel
Julie Golomb INP Chun Website Neural mechanisms of attention, working memory, and eye movements
Shannon Gourley INP Taylor Role of amygdalohippocampal BDNF/GluR1 in persistent depressive-like behavior
Tadzia Grandpré INP Strittmatter Nogo: A molecular determinant of axon growth and regeneration
Danielle Guez MD-PhD Picciotto
Ming Guo INP Dohlman Gpa1 signaling and its effectors
Muhamed Hadzipasic M INP Horwich
Anna Hagenston Neurobiology Yeckel
Bilal Haider Neurobiology McCormick
Elissa Halleim INP Carlson The role of odorant receptors in odor coding
Chris Heath INP Picciotto
Sam Hernandez INP Koleske Role of Arg nonreceptor tyrosine kinase in synaptic plasticity
Ginger Hoffman INP Dohlman Modulation of heterotrimeric G protein signaling in Saccharomyces cerevisae
Nicole Horst INP Laubach
Richard Hsu MD-PhD Duman Role of the melanocortin-4 receptor in mediating drug reward
Chou Hung INP Roe Brightness computation and inherent biases in cortical circuitry
Josh Hunsberger INP Duman Mining exercise regulated targets and determining their effects on animal models of depression and neurogenesis
Lu Jin Neurobiology
Matt B. Johnson Neurobiology Sestan
Warren Jones INP Klin
Takatoshi Karasawa INP Lombroso Frizzled-9 is activated by Wnt-2 and functions in Wnt/b-catenin signaling
Ji-Eun Kim INP Strittmatter In Vivo interactions of Nogo and Nogo receptor
Eyal Kimchi MD-PhD Laubach
Josh Klein INP Waxman
Zoe Klein INP Strittmatter Regulation of TDP-43 by Progranulin and Sortilin
Matt Kleinman Neurobiology Lee Temporal processing and multitasking in prefrontal cortex
Dilja Krueger INP Nairn A role for reelin at the synapse; effects on synaptic signaling and behavior in cortex and hippocampus
Ken Kwan INP Sestan
Ben Lacar INP Bordey
Evelyn Lambe INP Aghajanian Glutamate release from thalamocortical terminals in frontal cortex: Differential mechanisms of modulation by nicotine and serotonin
Nikki Larter INP Carlson Localization and function of Drosophila odorant binding proteins
Kresmir Letinic INP Rakic
Brian Lipscomb INP Greer Differential localization of glycoproteins in olfactory receptor neurons
Lou Marotti INP Dohlman Regulation of G protein signaling by post-translational protein modifications
Arjun Masurkar MD-PhD Chen
John McGann INP Brown Late-spiking neurons in perirhinal cortex and the lateral nucleus of the amygdala: Properties, mechanisms, and functions
Paulette McRae Neurobiology Matthews Activity-dependent regualtion of the perineuronal net component of the extracellular matrix
Nelson Medeiros INP Forscher Role of ERM in the rearrangement of the cortical actin structure of Aplysia growth cones
Becky Meier-Klein INP Howe Can the lurcher mutation reveal the function of a conserved GluR protein sequence?
Ed Meloni INP Davis Dopaminergic modulation of motor reflexes: Studies with the acoustic startle response in rats
Jed Meltzer INP Constable Task-induced deactivation and the role of rhythmic slow activity in human cognition
Mitra Miri INP Cardin The contribution of specific classes of inhibitory interneurons in balancing excitatory/inhibitory input in the cortex
Kumar Narayanan MD-PhD Laubach
Alyssa Nylander M INP Hafler
Emily Osterweil INP Mooseker Role of myosins in the nervous system
Katherine Owuor INP Strittmatter
James Park MD-PhD Strittmatter
Angela Purcell INP Carew The role of tyrosine kinases in different forms of plasticity in Aplysia californica
Reba Rabenstein INP Picciotto The role of adducins, actin-regulating proteins, in synaptic plasticity
David Ross INP Gore
James Schafer INP Rothman Mixture encoding in the olfactory bulb probed with fMRI
André Schmandke INP Strittmatter Visiting student from Germany
Antonio Schmandke INP Strittmatter Visiting student from Germany
Eric Schmidt INP Strittmatter The role of Collapsin-Response-Mediator-Protein (CRMP) in Sema3A signaling and axon guidance
Rob Sears INP DiLeone The role of MCH signaling in the Nucleus Accumbens in reinforcing behaviors
Keith Shafritz INP Shaywitz/Gore The functional neural correlates of attention in ADHD and normal adolescents
Tamara Shaw MD-PhD Nestler Transcription factors in drug addiction: Mapping the roles of CREB and dFosB in neuroadaptation following chronic drug administration
Doug Sheridan INP
Mike Singer INP Shepherd Olfactory receptor proteins: Computer analysis to probe differential interactions with scent molecules
Caitlin Smith INP Howe Properties of AMPA and kainate receptors in developing cerebellar granule cells in situ
Derek Snyder INP Bartoshuk
Rebecca Steiner INP Picciotto Drug self-administration in the mouse and the molecular consequences of nicotine in neurons
John Strumbos INP Kaczmarek Potassium channel dysregulation in a mouse model of Fragile X syndrome
Mike Sutton INP Carew Behavioral, cellular and molecular analysis of intermediate-term memory in Aplysia
Matt Townsend INP Constantine-Paton Activity dependent regulation of NMDA receptors
Nataliya Uboha INP Picciotto Identifying interacting partners of CaMKI via a yeast two-hybrid approach
Nicole Ullrich MD-PhD
Susheel Vijayraghavan Neurobiology Arensten Physiological actions and signaling mechanisms of dopamine D1-D5 receptor modulation of working memory circuitry in prefrontal cortex
Christian Von Hehn INP Jordt
Jen Warner-Schmidt INP Duman Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor mediates neurogenic and behavioral responses to antidepressants
Rob Wickham INP Addy Ventral tegmental area nicotine receptor regulation of phasic dopamine release
Mary Whitman MD-PhD Neurobiology Greer Adult Neurogenesis: Neuronal Diversity, Migration and Integration into Synaptic Circuits
Cicely Williams MD-PhD Lavik
Dan Wolf INP Russell Opiate addiction and neural plasticity: Regulation of neurotrophic intracellular signaling pathways by chronic morphine
Lei Xu INP Xu Characterization of atrophin protein family using Drosophila model organism
Yvonne Yang MD-PhD Strittmatter The role of Nogo, an inhibitor of neurite outgrowth, in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Andrea Yao INP Carlson
Ken Yoon INP Keshishian Developmental plasticity at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction
Paul Yuan Neurobiology Grutzendler Regulation of amyloid plaque compaction and local neurotoxicity by a microglia barrier
Zhihao Zhang INP Levy Value processing in the human brain and its link to obesity