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Bony De Kumar, PhD

Director of Operations

Research Scientist; Director of Operations of the Yale Center for Genome Analysis

As a director of operations at YCGA, Bony De Kumar has over 20 years of experience in genomics, epigenetics, and Bioinformatics. After Postdoctoral Research, he served as a genomics Scientist at Jackson Lab, Bar Harbor, and as director of genomics core at the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks. He has successfully established long-read technologies (Nanopore and PacBio) at the Bar Harbor campus to cater to genotyping needs. At the University of North Dakota (UND), As a core director at UND, he has initiated single-cell genomics, spatial transcriptomics, and long-read sequencing at UND alongside the expansion of new short-read-based library preparation. His group offers DNA and RNA library preparation, spatial transcriptomics, and sequencing services to Yale and Non-yale users of YCGA. Research interests included the development of technology for liquid biopsies, newborn screening, and epigenetics.