All Research Centers, Services, and Resources

Animal PathologyContact: Caroline Zeiss
Amino Acid Analysis (Keck)Contact: Myron Crawford
Bioimage Suite (Software for Image Analysis)
Bioimaging Facilities
Bioinformatics Support (Cancer)
Bioinformatics Support (Genomics & Proteomics)
Bioinformatics Support (YCCI)
Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory (Physiology, design and repair)
Biophysics (Keck: light-scattering, calorimetry, fluorimetry, surface Plasmon resonance)
Biostatistics & Study Design (Clinical and Translational Research, YCCI)
Biostatistics (biotechnology)Contact: Hongyu Zhao
Biostatistics (clinical research)See: YCCI
Biostatistics Support (Genomics & Proteomics, Keck)
Body Composition and Bone Densitometry, Yale Bone Center:
Cell Sorting and Flow CytometryContact: Mark Shlomchik
Center for Cellular & Molecular Imaging
Center for Medical InformaticsSee: Center for Medical Informatics
Clinical ImagingContact: James Brink
Clinical Research Services (Laboratory Medicine)
Confocal MicroscopyContact: Michael Nathanson
Cryo-Electron MicroscopyContact: Vinzenz Unger
Crystallography, Macromolecular X-rayContact: Ya Ha
Cytogenetics (Genetics, Department of)
Diabetes Endocrinology Research Center Cores (DERC)
DNA Sequencing (Keck)Contact: Nancy daSilva and Shrikant Mane
DNA Sequencing (Keck, High-throughput)Contact: Shrikant Mane
Electron MicroscopyContact: Christoph Rahner
Electronics Shop (Chemistry)
Electronics Shop (YMS, Hope, design and repair)
Fresh / Frozen Tissue Services
Glass Shop (Chemistry)
High Performance Computing
High-Throughput Cell Biology (RNAi screening)
Histology / Immunochemistry
HusbandryContact: to be designated by Jim Macy
Image AnalysisContact: James Duncan
Image Processing & Analysis
Imaging (small animal)Contact: Fahmeed Hyder
Immune Monitoring
Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC)Contact: Patricia Preisig
Irradiator Cores
Keck (W.M. Keck Foundation) Biotechnology Resource Laboratory
Lab Services (YCCI)
Laboratory Medicine Clinical Services
Machine Shop (Gibbs, Chemistry)
Machine Shop (YMS, Hope, design and repair)
Magnetic Resonance Research Center (MRRC)Contact: Douglas Rothman
Mass Spectrometry & Protein Chemistry (Keck)Contact: Kathy Stone, Erol Gulcicek and Tukiet Lam
Metabolic phenotyping (mouse)Contact: Gary Cline (check)
Metabolomics and Bioanalytical Quanititation (Keck)
Microarrays (Keck, DNA and RNA)Contact: Shrikant Mane
Molecular Diagnostics (Laboratory Medicine)
Molecular Diagnostics (Pathology)
Mouse Genomics (transgenic and knockout mice; cryopreservation)Contact: James McGrath and Timothy Nottoli
Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center

Musculoskeletal Disorders, Yale Core Center for

Musculoskeletal Phenotyping (mouse)

Contact: Karl Insogna, M.D.
Oligonucleotide Synthesis (Keck)Contact: Joseph DeLuka and Shrikant Mane
Optical MicroscopyContact: Derek Toomre
Pathology Tissue Services
Peptide Synthesis, large-scale (Keck)
Peptide Synthesis, small-scale (Keck)Contact: James I. Elliot
Positron Emission Tomography Center (PET)Contact: Richard Carson
Protein Chemistry (Keck)Contact: Ken Williams
Protein Profiling (Keck)Contact: Chris Colangelo
Protein SequencingContact: Myron Crawford
Protein Sequencing (Keck)
Renal Pathology and Electron Microscopy Laboratory
Skin Diseases Research Center (Dermatology)
Small Molecule Discovery Center (screening)
SPECTContact: Julia Staley
Tissue Microarray and Archiving
Transgenic CoreSee Animal Genomics
Two-photon Laser Scanning Microscopy
(Intravitral and 3D reconstructions)
Contact: Ann Haberman
Veterinary ServicesContact: to be designated by Jim Macy
Yale Animal Resources Center (YARC)