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Clinical Research at Yale

Clinical trials need volunteers of all ages and backgrounds in order to help researchers develop new and better treatments.

Moving Science Forward:

Moving Science Forward:

YCCI is the backbone of translational research at Yale. Through mentorship, the promotion of team science, and access to patient volunteers – the heroes of research – we support research that improves health.

There is no substitute for the people who participate in clinical research. The information provided by volunteers can't be found under a microscope, in a test tube or even by using the most technologically advanced scientific instruments. Volunteers like you are the only way for medical breakthroughs to reach the public.

Click here to search through and find clinical trials by keyword. You can also narrow your search by typing in an age or choosing a gender or by clicking on the category boxes below.

Clinical Studies in Spanish/Estudios Clinico en Espanol

For more information on clinical studies in Spanish please call 1-877-978-8343 and press option 2.

Para mas informacion sobre estudios clinico en Espanol, llamen a 1-877-978-8343. Y oprima el numero 2.