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The Holistic Health Recovery Program (HHRP) for HIV-negative or HIV-undifferentiated drug users

HHRP is dedicated to Harm Reduction, Health Promotion, and Improved Quality of Life

HHRP Client Workbook

This short workbook, available here in pdf format, is suitable for use by clients attending the HHRP groups

Click here to download instructions for setting up the workbook

Click here to download the workbook

Client Version of the complete HHRP manual

This 12-chapter version of the manual is suitable for use by patients in treatment for addiction in conjunction with appropriate medical and psychiatric care. The manual covers all material provided in the HHRP group therapy treatment manual for health care providers in a style that is readily understood regardless of level of education. Specifically it utilizes cognitive remediation strategies (e.g., multimodal presentation of material) to facilitate acquisition and retention of new harm reduction skills and to increase motivation for behavior change.

To download the entire Client Version of the HHRP manual, click on the pdf files below. Note: separate pdf files are provided for each chapter in order to reduce file size; however, they may still take several minutes to download when using a modem.

pdf files

(click to download)

Cover Page for Client Version of HHRP
Table of Contents and HHRP overview
Chapter 1: Reaching your goals
Chapter 2: Health care participation
Chapter 3: Reducing the harm of injection drug use
Chapter 4: Sexual harm reduction with latex
Chapter 5: Negotiating harm reduction w/partners
Chapter 6: Preventing relapse to risky behavior
Chapter 7: Healthy lifestyle choices
Chapter 8: Introduction to the 12 Steps
Chapter 9: Overcoming stigma
Chapter 10: Motivation for change: Overcoming helplessness
Chapter 11: Emotional and Spiritual Healing
Chapter 12: Healthy social relationships and activities

Click here for a link to the downloadable HHRP Group Therapy Treatment Manual (for HIV-undifferentiated drug users)

Click here for a link to the downloadable HHRP+ Client Workbook (for HIV-positive drug users)

Click here for a link to the downloadable HHRP+ Group Therapy Treatment Manual (for HIV-positive drug users)