Video Training Series for Healthcare Professionals (total 17 hours)

Note: Due to high demand, we currently have a limited supply of DVD training sets for distribution by mail. We have therefore made available below a free on-line video training series, and we encourage therapists interested in the therapy to use this on-line training rather than requesting the DVDs. However, if you are a representative of an organization that is planning to implement 3-S therapy, and require a set of DVDs to be mailed to you in order to train staff members as a group, please e-mail the 3S webmaster. Provide your name, organization, street and e-mail address, and describe your plans for 3-S therapy implementation. We will notify you as soon as possible regarding your request.

Preparation for on-line training:

As noted in the manual, 3-S therapy is a cognitive-behavioral intervention, with a skills training approach, intended specifically for clients of diverse faiths who are motivated to learning new skills for integrating spirituality into a program of recovery. It is not intended for clients with psychotic or dissociative disorders, or other serious psychiatric illnesses. It is also not intended for individuals seeking in-depth psychodynamic psychotherapy.

The 14 streaming clips below provide step-by-step training in the delivery of the 12-session version of Spiritual Self-Schema (3-S) therapy (individual therapy modality). 

*Counselors planning to provide the 8-session version of 3-S therapy watch the same training clips, disregarding those sessions marked with an asterisk.

Overview and Session 1: Client Orientation to 3-S Therapy

Session 2: Training in Mastery of the Mind #1 Becoming Self-Aware

Session 3: Training in Mastery of the Mind #2: Addict Self Intrusions

Session 4: Training in Mastery of the Mind #3: Medication Mindfulness *

Training on segments common across sessions

Session 5: Training in Morality #1: Preventing harm to self and others

Session 6: Training in Morality #2: Everyday Ethics

Session 7: Training in Morality #3: Stopping the Spread of HIV Through Social Responsibility *

Session 8: Training in Wisdom #1: Filling the mind with the spiritual self

Session 9: Training in Wisdom #2: Coping with Stigma *

Session 10: Training in Wisdom #3: Renunciation of the addict self

Session 11: Training in Wisdom #4: Serenity and Insight *

Session 12: Termination - Maintaining the Path

Training for the adjunctive HIV/Hepatitis Educational Session