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Step 2: Assessment of progress: To what extent has your Spiritual self-schema become your habitual self-schema?

Now that you have constructed and practiced using your Spiritual self-schema in all your daily activities, even those that you once perceived as obstacles to the experience and expression of your Spiritual nature, you are ready to determine the extent to which your Spiritual Self-Schema has now become your Habitual Self-Schema. To do this, complete a second Habitual Self-Schema Worksheet and compare it to the one you completed prior to beginning the 3-S program. Determine

  1. the extent to which the qualities/characteristics you now list as descriptive of your Habitual Self Schema during the previous week are consistent with the qualities (e.g., the "perfections") that you listed as moment-by-moment destinations of your Spiritual path on your Spiritual Self-Schema Blue-Print;
  2. the extent to which the activation of your new habitual self-schema causes suffering to self and/or others;
  3. the extent to which your habitual scripts and action sequences now more accurately reflect your Spiritual nature; and
  4. the extent to which you are now able to experience and express your Spiritual nature in all your daily activities.

Also complete a second Reflections on the 10 "Perfections" Worksheet, and compare it to the first. Which, if any, rating changed? Which, if any, quality/characteristic changed? Which, if any, quality/characteristic do you wish to add to your previously completed Daily 3-S Construction Plan so that you can work on increasing the strength of this quality in your daily life?

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