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The Spiritual Self-Schema (3-S) development program for the treatment of addiction and HIV risk behavior

3-S Adjunctive Group Therapy Counselor Treatment Manual

Note: As currently formulated, 3-S group therapy is not intended to be provided as a stand-alone therapy, but rather may be provided adjunctive to the 3-S individual therapy sessions for the purpose of providing the opportunity for additional practice in a group setting. The primary goal of the Spiritual Self-Schema (3-S) development program for drug-addicted individuals is to help clients elaborate, strengthen, and habitually activate a cognitive schema -- the Spiritual self-schema -- that is incompatible with drug use and HIV risk behavior. Both individual therapy and adjunctive group therapy sessions are now available for download (Adobe pdf files).

The 3-S Adjunctive Group Therapy Counselor's Manual can be downloaded in its entirety by clicking on the files below. Note: separate pdf files are provided for each group session in order to reduce file size; however, they may still take several minutes to download when using a modem.

pdf files
(click to download)
3-S Group Therapy Cover Page
Acknowledgements & Disclaimers
Group Session 1: Mindfulness
Group Session 2: Habit patterns of the wind
Group Session 3: Spiritual self awareness
Group Session 4: Insight meditation
Group Session 5: Mindful action vs reaction
Group Session 6: Emotions and schemas
Group Session 7: Flexing Spiritual muscles
Group Session 8: Taking steps on the Path
3-S Stretch

Click here for link to downloadable 3-S Client Workbook

Click here for link to the downloadable 3-S Individual Therapy Counselors Treatment Manual