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About the Center

These are extremely exciting times in RNA science. Over the past few decades, researchers have discovered that RNA molecules are critical players in multiple areas of biology and biomedical science. Most recently, scientists have discovered that much of our genome, long believed to be silent, actually codes for RNA molecules. Although we are just beginning to realize how much remains to be understood about these RNAs and their functions, many of the new RNAs have already emerged as both critical diagnostics and key therapeutic targets in disease.

The mission of the Yale Center for RNA Science and Medicine is to build upon Yale's tremendous strengths in RNA biology, to foster interdisciplinary interactions and to apply our collective knowledge to understand disease processes and discover new treatments. Our members come from more than a dozen Yale departments and their laboratories are located at all three Yale campuses.

Center-sponsored events include our annual retreat, RNA Club, workshops, and seminars by leading researchers. Our goals are to foster a sense of community and to encourage collaborations, both between our world-class RNA scientists and with the many other extraordinary scientists and clinicians here at Yale.

If you should have any questions about the RNA Center’s mission, or have ideas for events you would like to see sponsored by the Center, please contact our leadership.