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Yale Postdoc Initiative in RNA Careers

Yale PIRCs aims to foster professional growth for postdocs and Associate Research Scientists (ARSs) employed in groups that are members of the Yale Center for RNA Science and Medicine. The three main programs under the initiative's umbrella promote our trainees' careers and contribute to a more inclusive and supportive academic environment.

Its objectives include:

  • Providing professional support for postdocs in the field of RNA biology and therapeutics.
  • Enhancing training experiences through career development, research guidance, and networking support.
  • Offering opportunities for postdocs and ARSs to connect with faculty members outside their own lab.
  • Strengthening community and inclusion within the center.

Additional components of the Yale RNA Postdoc Experience include:

Mentorship matching program

  • Why: Fosters relationships with RNA Center faculty to create networking opportunities within and outside of the center. Assists in forming a mentoring team (requirement for applying for a K99/R00 award).
  • What: One-on-one meetings held twice a year, concentrating on career planning and other topics agreed upon between the mentor-mentee
  • How: Begins every May with a social event that provides the opportunity for faculty and postdocs to meet over refreshments. After the event, interested postdocs complete a form indicating their mentor preferences and reasons, enabling the program coordinators to facilitate suitable mentor-mentee pairings.

Path to Independent PI/biotech program

  • Why: Offers guidance and roadmaps to postdocs toward the achievement of their career aspirations
  • What: Small group discussions (1 PI for every 3-4 postdocs)
  • How: Held annually in September as a social event, postdocs pre-register and submit questions or topics of interest related to their career paths. Each table, led by a PI, focuses on a specific topic, engaging with assigned postdocs/ARSs.

Peer support program

  • Why: It creates opportunities for peer support among RNA Center trainees in different labs and career stages.
  • What: One-on-one or small group interactions
  • How: This program is kicked off every February with a social gathering among postdocs that includes refreshments and activities to help postdocs find peers with shared goals or concerns. By the end of the event, participants are encouraged to form connections with one or two peers to serve as accountability partners.

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