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Gaëlle J. S. Talross, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

Contact Information

Gaëlle J. S. Talross, PhD



I'm fascinated by the mysteries of how lncRNAs shape neuronal function, a key to unlocking insights into neurological disorders. Harnessing the robust experimental arsenal inherent to the fly chemosensory system, I seek to unravel lncRNAs' complex roles in both neurons and behavior.

During my Ph.D. training with Dr. Joseph Gall and Dr. Nicholas Ingolia, I explored the intricate facets of lncRNAs. My discoveries include (i) distinct stable intronic sequence (sis)RNAs that influence snoRNAs' levels, crucial ncRNAs for ribosomal function, (ii) insights into the dual character of 7SL, and (iii) contributions to the revelation that specific lncRNAs have the capacity to encode micropeptides.

As a postdoctoral fellow under Dr. John Carlson, I've established a groundwork to use the fly chemosensory systems for probing the non-coding roles of neuronal RNA across molecular, cellular, physiological, and behavioral dimensions. My research unveils connections between RNAs, neuronal functions, and adaptive behaviors.

Education & Training

  • PhD
    Johns Hopkins University, Biology (2018)
  • BS
    University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, Biology and Biochemistry (2011)

Honors & Recognition

AwardAwarding OrganizationDate
K99 fellowshipNIDCD2024
Joan and Tom Steitz RNA FellowshipYale Center for RNA Science and Medecine2023
F32 fellowshipNIDCD2022
DuPont Teaching AwardJohns Hopkins University2013
Outstanding senior of the year in Cellular and Molecular Biology Award University of Wisconsin, La Crosse2011
The Dean’s distinguish fellowshipUniversity of Wisconsin, La Crosse2010
Undergraduate research fellowshipUniversity of Wisconsin, La Crosse2009

Departments & Organizations