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RNA Club

The RNA Club is a series of monthly meetings focused on all the possible aspects of our favorite molecule: the RNA. The RNA Club is run by students and postdocs presenting their ongoing research projects and is open to everyone across Yale.

The mission of the RNA Club is sharing scientific knowledge and discoveries with the entire community, from the undergraduate student to the PI, to widen our horizons through fruitful discussions and new connections.

RNA Club meetings take place every second Tuesday of the month and are organized as follows: breakfast, two 25 minute talks presented by two trainees from two different RNA labs, and a Q&A session at the end of each talk.

The RNA Club was coordinated by Liana Boraas (Stefania Nicoli lab) in 2018-2020. Since Fall 2020 the coordinators of the RNA Club are Giulia Biancon (Stephanie Halene lab) and Diana Martínez Saucedo (Luisa Escobar-Hoyos lab), with the help of Ethan Strayer (Antonio Giraldez lab) from January 2023.

RNA Club Schedule 2023

Date Speaker (Lab) Room
September 12
Weiwei Guo (Jeffrey Ishizuka)
Alexis Weinreb (Marc Hammarlund)
Bass 305
October 10
Su Haomiao (Sarah Slavoff)
Nils Neuenkirchen (Haifan Lin)
SHM C-103
November 14
Min Hee Oh (Richard Flavell)
Xujun Wang (Jun Lu)
Bass 305
December 12
Liana Boras (Stefania Nicoli)
Pablo Tussy (Carlos Fernandez-Hernando)
Cohen Auditorium