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Progesterone for Postpartum Smokers: Feasibility, Breastfeeding and Infant Safety

Who is this for?

Any pregnant woman or new mom who struggles with tobacco use.

What does it offer?

Treatment and counseling. Eligible new moms can earn up to $270 for participation! Meet weekly with our clinical staff to receive free study medication for 8 weeks after your baby is born along with confidential counseling sessions to help you avoid postpartum nicotine cigarette use. You will be offered voluntary counseling before and after you deliver. You may choose to partake in voluntary counseling sessions along with receiving study medication, or you may choose only to receive free study medication without counseling. This is your choice as a paid participant!

Why does this matter?

Being a new mom can sometimes be challenging and stressful! Cravings for nicotine cigarettes may be strong, and we are here to support you after you deliver. Not only will this research benefit new moms who have struggled with tobacco use, it also allows you to participate in a paid study that provides free counseling and study medication to help fight tobacco use. Let us work together to help you build that special bond with your newborn and help keep you and your family tobacco free!

HIC #1305012130