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The Baby Blues & Postpartum Depression/Depresion Posparto

Postpartum Depression "Baby Blues"

You Just Delivered Your Baby

What a big change in your life, your body, and perhaps your mood.

In the first days and weeks after giving birth, almost all women (70-80%) feel tearful, tired and overwhelmed. This may be the Baby Blues and is completely normal. For some mothers, these feelings persist, making it harder to handle the baby, family, work and a social life.

Take a moment to consider these questions:

  • Is it hard to look forward toward the future?
  • Do you unnecessarily blame yourself when things go wrong?
  • Do you feel anxious and worried without knowing why?
  • Do you get scared or panicky without knowing why?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and have difficulty coping?
  • Do you feel so unhappy that it’s hard to sleep?
  • Is it hard to laugh and see the funny side of things?
  • Do you feel sad or miserable?
  • Do you feel so unhappy that you cry?
  • Do you have thoughts of harming yourself?

If this sounds like you:

You may want further evaluation for Postpartum Depression. It is not your fault and you are not alone. Scientific studies have shown that up to 15% of new mothers experience this significant change in mood after delivering a baby. If untreated, these symptoms can persist and even worsen. You should ask for support and help from your family and friends. It is also important that you tell your nurse or doctor how you are feeling. Only a medical provider can diagnose depression.