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Ecological Momentary Assessment and Postpartum Smoking Relapse

Who is this for?

Any pregnant woman or recently delivered mom (two weeks postpartum or less) who smoked cigarettes. Women who smoked during pregnancy or recently before pregnancy, must have been able to quit before delivery. Pregnant women 18 or older with a history of smoking are currently being screened at Yale Clinics!

What does it offer?

Eligible new moms can earn up to $200 for participating. New moms will carry around a handheld computer (similar to a smartphone) for two weeks. The handheld will beep 4 times per day to ask some questions about your mood, stress level, smoking cravings, and other questions related to your environment. We will also provide you with educational and referral-based resources.

Why does this matter?

The health of new mom’s and their baby’s is important to us! Being a new mom can be stressful and cravings for tobacco may be quite strong. This study will help us to gather valuable information on treatment of cigarette smoking in women and new moms. By taking part in our research at Yale, you will help us to learn more about tobacco related issues and how to improve health care for other women. If you have a history of tobacco use and are pregnant, please call us to participate in this paid research study!

HIC #1008007245