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Past Studies

Among other things, in the past we have studied stress and depression in pregnancy and substance abuse treatment for pregnant women. Please click on the links below for more information about the conclusion of these studies and what we have found.

  • This study looked at feelings and emotions during pregnancy in order to understand how these may or may not influence mother and baby.

  • This study examined any genes (the instructions that make up your body) or specific pieces of DNA in a mother and in her child that may cause preterm delivery and to see if this gene is influenced by someone's life experiences.

  • A follow up study for women who participated in the original Yale Pink and Blue Study.
  • PRIDE in Pregnancy established a truly integrated substance abuse treatment program within two inner-city prenatal clinics, provided ongoing in-service education to the prenatal healthcare providers, and quality care improvements to nearly 200 pregnant women working to stay clean and sober.

  • The primary aims of this clinical trial were to assess whether the serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SRI) sertraline (Zoloft™) is more effective than placebo at ameliorating symptoms of PMDD when capsules are taken from the onset of premenstrual symptoms through first few days of menses (i.e., "symptom-onset dosing").
  • Treatment and counseling for new moms. Helping mothers build a special bond with their baby and remain drug free.

  • Evaluation for Postpartum Depression.