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Motivational Interviewing for Substance Abuse

Project MISA

A study for patients with substance use problems that have an opportunity to receive effective treatment and additional helpful resources.

Who is it for?

Any patient assigned to a healthcare provider in the general medical inpatient units at Yale-New Haven Hospital with recent or current use of alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, or other substances. As well as any patients who take prescription medications for non-medical reasons.

What does it offer?

Patients who participate in this study will complete a paper screening and potentially a computerized intake with the possibility of a brief Motivational Interview (MI) and a resource list providing information regarding services in the area aimed to assist patients in their recovery process. Eligible patients who complete the intake process of our study will be compensated $30.

Why does this matter?

MI has a strong evidence-base in the treatment of substance abuse (alcohol, drugs, smoking), reducing risky behaviors (e.g., unsafe sex or needle sharing), increasing healthy behaviors (e.g., improved diet, increased exercise), and engaging patients in treatment; it consistently demonstrates small to moderate and clinically significant effects across targeted behaviors. Therefore, patients who receive this treatment and utilize additional resources will have adequate support to decrease their substance use and increase their overall quality of life.

HIC #1205010234